On starting small

I made the commitment.

This morning I stare at an empty text block in my WordPress. “Write 100 words in a new post” is all my Android phone tells me.

I’ve blocked off the time in my calendar.

I’m trying to get to work a little earlier in the morning just so I have some space to achieve this rather minor feat of writing 100 words. 100 words about something I’ve observed. I probably write 7,000 words plus in the run of a day at work, but this is a bit different – this is for me.

Sometimes, you just need to start as incredibly small as you can. Floss one tooth, drink one glass of water, write 100 words (or 10); relentlessly focus on that framework and see what develops.

Today, I’ve written 139 words.

Mission accomplished.

The day will be a success.

Over to you.



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