From grave digging to indie film festivals, serving my country to helping others tell their tale… my journey so far.

A brief biography of how I got here.

My first venture into communications and marketing was back in 2003 after being handed a microphone at a Canadian Interuniversity Sport-sanctioned swim meet and told to “be the voice of swimming”. Living in Halifax, N.S, at the time and pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science at Dalhousie University, public speaking – let alone live sports commentary – seemed an odd fit; however, the experience opened me up to the very basics of communication: know your audience and own your narrative.

After some soul searching, including two devastating terms with the computer science “flush out” course known as “discrete mathematics”, I changed my educational focus to one that leveraged my love of public interaction and communication. In the spring of 2008, I stepped up on stage at the Rebecca Cohen Auditorium and graduated Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Commerce major in marketing management.

Since then, I’ve been applying this passion for communications to organizations throughout Canada and the world. From international non-profits such as the Atlantic Film Festival Association in Nova Scotia, to federal government departments, I aim to be a force multiplier for organizational leaders, enabling them to leverage communications activities in today’s ever evolving media landscape.

A new media guy who dabbles in various forms of content production, Canadian Armed Forces Reservist with both Cadet Instructor Cadre and Public Affairs Officer qualifications, an occasional musician, absolutely horrible designer and equally as skilled photographer, I now live on the “darkside” of Halifax with my partner, pre-schooler, dog and two cats. And while I’ll tell you I don’t like the cats, my photos on Instagram and occasional tweets on Twitter would allude otherwise.

And if none of the above helps you in starting a conversation with me, you can always ask me about that time I was a grave digger.