Welcome to LiamMather.com, my little slice of the internet that’s essentially in constant development.

I recently had a chat with a friend of mine about designing a website with purpose.

And so I’m doing just that… right now I’m in discovery mode.

As a guy who’s been working in the field of communications for ten years, it only makes sense I continue to develop the skills that will keep me effective at communicating where audiences spend their time – unless, of course, we’ve run out of internets.

To see what I’m up to right now, check out the Current Projects page; my little “/now” page inspired by Derek Sivers’ project

And I’ve taken on a challenge to start writing more by capturing some field notes on my own life.

Will I ever get around to making a better looking website? Yes. But, as I’ve realized through experience, a fancy website is worth nothing without a steady stream of quality content that speaks to your brand, to who you are, to what you are.

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